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Yvette Nepper, MA, LPCC

Yvette Nepper, MA, LPCC

"Too often life experiences bring about unwanted symptoms. For some this could be the uncertainty of day-to-day living, troubles at work, or discomfort in an intimate relationship. Through the counseling process I offer an anchor, a way to make sense of the world and a means to relieve those unwanted symptoms.I’m skilled at harnessing the power of the therapeutic alliance, and believe there is much to be discovered through authentic dialogue. I am grounded in a person-centered approach to counseling, and strive to create an atmosphere in which people can explore freely. I have several years experience working with adults who feel ready to address mental health and addiction related concerns."

We are excited to Welcome Yvette to our practice. To learn more about yvette, check out her biography online or call the front office at 513-939-0300

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